I am running for Toronto City Council

Scarborough Southwest – Ward 20
Election Date: November 30th, 2023

Marzia Hoque Works For Us

About Marzia Hoque

Marzia Hoque is a resident of Scarborough Southwest. She was born in
Bangladesh and completed her Bachelor of Social Science in Economics in 2007
from National University in Bangladesh. With help from family, she immigrated to Canada with her talented young daughter. In Toronto, she completed Law Enforcement training at the Canadian Police Foundations College.

Helping the community has always been her passion. In both Bangladesh and Canada, Marzia has always been an asset to community development and social/cultural organizations. She has contributed significant time and support for the wellness of vulnerable seniors, women, and children of the community.

About Marzia’s Efforts

Marzia’s involvement in the community is evident by her past and current actions. She’s volunteered at numerous organizations that benefit the local community. She, now, looks towards the future. She’s running to represent your interests and support your future!

What did she do?

Marzia has volunteered at:

  • Salvation Army
  • West Park Hospital
  • Toronto Police – 54th Division
  • Costi Immigration Services
  • Bangladesh Centre & Community Services
  • Bangladesh Association of Toronto

What is she doing?

Marzia is volunteering with a non-profit organization, Bangladesh Centre for Multiculturalism and Social Services, and working with security services.

Why Marzia?

Marzia is a life-long learner. For her professional development, she has continued to pursue leadership training and remain informed on community safety issues.

About Marzia’s Goals


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